Banding: what’s the deal with that?

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Re: Its the Equipment's Fault?

JimKasson wrote:

Dan DeLion wrote:

I disagree. If you manage to torture banding out of a Z7, it shows you don’t know how to handle your equipment. A longer sun shade (try compendium) would be advised for the situation you describe. Remember it is not the equipment’s fault if you haven’t learned to use it.

What you are saying is that you don't need all the DR that modern cameras have.

Jim, I'll take all the DR I can get.  How much do I need? Minimum about 12 stops.

I don't think everybody feels that way. Otherwise, why do we still measure and talk a lot about DR when a new camera is introduced.

Most of the camera "tests" I see are jokes.  IMO they only measure quantifiable parameters, like DR.  They don't test subjective and qualitative things because they can't put numbers to those.  Yet, those elements of camera performance largely determine ones satisfaction with the output.

What counts is: - Do you like the output?  Not the DR, FPS, 200% resolution, CA, distortion...  They contribute but don't determine the bokeh, lightness, rendering, color, subject, punch, meaningfulness, composition...  The very things that make "good" pictures.

Stay safe - Dan

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It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

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