Anyone have fz300 AND sx50?

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Re: Anyone have fz300 AND sx50?

Well, for example I have heard from some people that the sx50 has a lousy viewfinder, is slow to focus, has a long buffer time, and is noisy… and I’d like to hear how that compares to the fz300. I’m worried that I might get frustrated by the slow focus and/or the long buffer and maybe the viewfinder.  I don’t think the noise will bother me unless it’s so loud it will scare off birds…  I’ve also heard that it does poorly in low light, and I would primarily be taking photos in forest settings with tree-filtered light, so I don’t know if that is considered “low light”. Or maybe the people making those comments have ultra high standards and the sx50 is totally fine? Or maybe it’s accurate but those shortcomings don’t bother most people?

i’ve heard a lot of great things about the sx50 but I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly. I know it’s an older camera and is lacking certain features that are available on more recently released cameras, so I’d like to know what it’s missing (compared to the fz300) and if those are things I care about. For example: I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have 4K video, which doesn’t really matter to me, I probably won’t be shooting much video if at all.

Really, the only things I don’t like about the fz300 is that I’ve realized I need more optical zoom, and that the menus are complicated (but maybe canon’s are too? I don’t know, so that’s why I’m asking). Otherwise it’s great and I really like constant f2.8. If I end up keeping it, I will get an e15ed which will get me a little more reach for not much more money.

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