Need help assessing the damage to my Canon AE1 Program

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Re: Need help assessing the damage to my Canon AE1 Program

absquatulate wrote:

I would use a little bit of adhesive to stick that back down again if possible, just use a thin paintbrush to dust the area out and crack on. Don't worry about it, these cameras were generally well made and will carry on firing as long as they're not abused too much. If the shutter curtain is moving freely and your shutter speeds are correct then it's all good. I've re-resurrected old cameras that people have written off just by removing the baseplate and oiling the working parts with clock oil. Most of my film cameras are between 40-70 years old and still work fine, in my experience, the more simple they are the longer they'll last, which makes sense if you think about it.

the shutter moves totally fine, doesn't seem slow or anything. I'm worried if I futz with it, it might make the problem worse. It's probably fine to leave it as it is right?

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