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davidevans1 wrote:

Ian - thank you and I've just tried doing that and it seems to work.

So I don't bother with Catalogs at all and will build up a library of Sessions?

Does this get unwieldly as the number of Sessions increases over time please?

Using the .. so that everything is in the original Windows (though I may well transfer to Apple) folder worked for me. Does this mean I have to be very careful if I delete a Session, not to delete all the underlying images also?

Finally can I cull photographs in a Session quickly by dragging them to Trash?

Previewing the images at 100% seems massively quicker than in LR CC Classic, almost instantaneous in C1 compared with waiting 4-5 seconds in LR (I'm not sure why LR CC Classic seemed slow to give 100% view as I tried opting for 100% previews when loading the files).

I haven't got into anything but the basic editing in C1 yet, but am planning on getting into layers etc. and have Nils Wille Christoffersen's pdf book to go through.

I should point out that there are many ways to work in sessions, what I have described is my preferred way.

When you create a session my way you get a couple of sub folders added to your folder containing the images:

The CaptureOne folder contains the "cache" and "Settings" sub folders. The cache holds the proxies and thumbnails for the images in the session. The Settings sub folder holds the actual adjustments for the images.

The Sub folder with the session name "China 2016" in my example holds the session sub folders i.e Selects and Trash in my example. Plus the session database file i.e. "China 2016.cosessiondb" in my example.

When you delete from a session it normally just moves the file to the Trash sub folder so you get a chance to recover files if you so wish.

Sessions done this way are totally self contained. That is if you copy or move the main image folder to another computer then it just works by double clicking the session database file "China 2016.cosessiondb".

You have not copied or created any new files so as long as you do not delete your images in the image folder you don't lose any images. If you delete the session subfolders then you lose all of your editing/keywords etc work.

When you use a catalogue you store the same amount of information as sessions but the files are all in one place. Lose the catalogue lose everything.

Here are some YouTube vids you might find helpful:

Luma Masking

UI Customisation

Colour Editor Masterclass

Layers Masterclass

Levels in C1Pro


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