Panasonic S5 AF w/ Sigma 28-70 f2.8

Started Jun 1, 2021 | Questions thread
John Vickers Contributing Member • Posts: 710
Yes, Sigma lenses do DfD. Panasonic says so.

tom_0123 wrote:

I am Currently on The Market For A Full Frame Travel/Family Camera To Upgrade My G85 (I am Not A professional), I was thinking between The A7c Or S5 w/ Sigma 28-70 f2.8, but there aren’t many reviews of that lens on l mount, so does anybody know How Good The AF Is with The S5, I am OK with the AF Performance Of The G85,

But As Far As i Know Sigma Lenses Dont Use DFD Data,

Sigma L-mount lenses do use DfD. At least according to Panasonic:

The important question isn't whether Sigma lenses do DfD, but whether the focus performance is OK.

This could be put the other way round: I have some Sigma lenses. What recorder(s) can I stick on the back of my Sigma lenses which will focus OK? Sigma lenses can focus very well.

AF on Sigma 24-70 DG DN works for me at least as well as Panasonic kit lenses. That would be my favourite lens.

So Is The Autofocus Usable For Family Or Travel? Is it better than the G85 or should i just go with the A7c?

I don't know MFT, but I suspect that if you are used to G85, you would find the S5 similar but better: the S5 autofocus is an evolution of G85 autofocus.

I find Panasonic AF mostly works quite well, but can fall flat on its face at times: it can completely fail to lock on to targets which are easy for a - more than decade old - DSLR, let alone a recent DSLR. More here: S1 AF only sensitive to horizontal contrast (vertical edges) ?

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