Recommended Nikon body for IR conversion

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Re: Recommended Nikon body for IR conversion

masplin wrote:


I'm looking to get a converted IR body, but from what I have read the newer bodies actually don't perform as well. I'm guessing there is some compromise age that is good for IR, but has some modern features. Since I need to go out and buy this body any recommendations appreciated?



I've not heard of the newer bodies not performing as well. Before you buy the camera and send it in for conversion, be sure you trace down that notion and prove or disprove it to yourself.

In fact, my IR camera is a converted D3 (pretty old) and it's a PITA. The best IR cameras are a) mirrorless or b) DSLRs with modern Live View. The D3 is one of the earlier LV cameras and it does not perform as well as modern ones do.

Since I mentioned mirrorless, I have to say that if I were to get a new IR converted camera body today, it would definitely be mirrorless for several reasons. And this is another indication that modern bodies are better than older. Go to a infrared discussion group and ask why. Basically, it does not have the same focus issues that a lot converted DSLRs have, and it has other advantages.

Also, there is a thing with some Nikon (and other manufacturer) DSLR camera bodies that have an internal infrared emitting <the function of which I forget but doesn't matter> that is not a problem for normal photography, but turns into a problem once you IR convert your camera. With very long exposures, it can fog the image. HOWEVER, I have this on my D3 and it's never been a problem. But for more information, go to the Lifepixel site ( and look up some Nikon DSLRs from the past decade or two, then look at the maker notes at the bottom of the page. All of this is covered there.


The lenses are another story. You're going to find that some of the best F-mount lenses released in the past few years are Sigma Art lenses, but most of those do NOT perform well due to hot spots.

So you may get better IR performing lenses if you buy older ones. The best list of hotspot lens performance I've ever seen is the following:


PS: I sometimes wish dpreview had an Infrared forum.

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