Nikon D850+500 PF or Canon R5+100-500 - better for birds?

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Re: Nikon D850+500 PF or Canon R5+100-500 - better for birds?

Seems like the debate should simply end with: You cannot say which lens is the best, it 100% depends on the photographer's budget, situation, brand loyalty/preference, and use case.

A Sony 600mm f/4 GM could be of zero use to a certain photographer who frequently takes images of close range birds. When I was in Florida last week, many times I was so close to a bird the 600mm was of zero use to me. And that lens is just about the most expensive conventional prime on the market at the moment.

Since the original title of the argument D850 and 500 PF vs R5 and 100-500, I would also say that the animal-eye AF helped a lot with some of these shots.

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