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Re: Olympus 8-25mm F4.0 PRO: Official Page

I look at it like this:  Oly and Pana both have a 7-14.  Neither takes filters on the front.  The Oly is faster but bigger and heavier.

Now (or soon) they each have an ultra-wide zoom that starts at 8mm and takes filters.  They are pretty close in size (Oly: 77x88.5mm, Pana: 73.4x88mm).  They both give a more useful long end than a 7-14, but the Oly's 25mm beats the Pana's 18mm.  The price for that is the Oly being slower at the wide end, and being heavier (411g compared to 315g).

I bought the Pana 7-14 when it was the only one, later sold it and got the 8-18.  I'm happy with that lens.  But others may value features of the others more, so there is a pretty good selection of UWA zooms with subtle differences to choose from.  Sounds good to me.

I don't know how realistic a compact (similar to 12-45 f/4) version of this lens would have been.

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