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Re: Not the 12-45/4 companion I was rooting for...

I agree.  I was hoping the 8-25/4.0 would be more similar in size to the 12-45/4.0 lens.  Still I can see the physical reasons to the 72mm filter size to prevent light falloff when using a filter.

There is what is assume to be an 40-150/4.0 shown on the lens roadmap.  It would be a nice companion lens if they made it a 25-150/4.0 lens.  Just thing going from 8mm to 150mm in just two lenses.  Then pack couple of fast primes for low light or shallow depth of field.

I can see myself pre-ordering the 8-25/4.0 lens and it will be replacing my 7-14/2.8 in my kit.

Still I really wish for a 10mm/f1.4 prime lens for astro-landscapes.

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