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Not the 12-45/4 companion I was rooting for...

I was sort of hoping this lens would end up being a natural fit with the 12-45/4.  That is to say a lens optimized for size and weight that doesn't compromise on IQ.  It has turned out to be more on the scale of the 12-40/2.8 and 8-18/2.8-4 instead.

That's kind of a bummer because I thought the 12-45/4 was doing a great job at bringing m43 back to its "small package" roots while shedding the "small means cheap, consumer grade" thinking applied to "slow" compact zooms.  If we had a similar sized high IQ UWA lens what an incredible landscape pairing that would be on something like an E-M5III.

That said, upon reflection the novel focal range of 8-25 (16-50 equivalent) would seem to make a remarkably excellent travel and street lens with no need for lens changes across a very useful focal range.  For a slow landscape shooter lens changes are no big deal and the addition of the 12-25 range is rather irrelevant.  But for someone who is likely to jump across that 12mm boundary rapidly this is interesting.

And I guess, to be fair, there seems to be a class of landscape shooters who close their eyes past about 50mm equivalent   So might be really useful for them too if it means two lenses become one.

Lastly I'll note this along with the E-P7 confirms that Olympus branding is being retained by OMDS at least for now.  No doubt all the incredibly vociferous posters from last year citing their incredible real world experience in corporate mergers when they said in no uncertain terms anyone who ever expected to see an "Olympus" product in the future was a naive Olyboy will be shortly posting their mea culpas.

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