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Re: Price and size is similar to the 7-14 mm PRO

btwango wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

- The size. And this 8-25 doesn't seem that much smaller either. You might as well buy the 7-14 for its 2.8 aperture [1].

I'm still convinced the 7-14mm f/2.8 pro is a better deal than this 8-25mm f/4. Most people already have a lens that covers the 20-25mm range with a wider aperture [2]. So on the wide end the 7-14mm is wider, brighter and probably cheaper as well [3].

1/ You might as well buy this new lens for its greater reach. Everything's a compromise.

But what if someone already owns the 12-40 f/2.8 or 25 f/1.8 ? these are the most popular widespread m43 lenses. It's very likely that existing m43 users already own these.

The 8-25mm would make a lot of sense as a kit lens. If I was new to m43 and wanted to start somewhere, I would 100% buy the 8-25mm if it was bundled with an em1.3.

2/ Where did you get the data to support this claim? I'm suggesting you are exaggerating.

(Just as a irrelevant point I do not own a brighter lens of this range. I own a Panny 7-14mm so that immediately excludes me from the "most people" set.)

Just look in the second hand market. Most common olympus lenses are the 12-40 2.8, 25 1.8, 45 1.8 primes. A lot of people start their m43 kit with theses lenses.

3/ So on the long end the 8-25mm is longer and has greater range. B&H has the Oly 7-14mm listed for $1299. "Probably" based on what?

on 43rumors the price of the 8-25 is listed at around 1600$. I bought my 7-14mm last year, brand new at 999 euro during a promotion, and sold it 950 euro after using it maybe 4 or 5 times during hikes.

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