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An Apologia 'n Rhymin` for Poor Brother Bobby

I thought I knew my brother bobby fairly well,
I thought I knew his songs and I thought I knew his heart
I knew many were under his spell

So I gave a class assignment,
all cute and curtsied pretty-like
but under the smiles and under the fun
a poisoned spike lay
like an unhappy sun

Oh I’m just a workin` stiff with no time at all.
Old and all broken, a-tired and adrift,
no noble’s son
that’s easy to be seen

But a cruel streak to be certain,
otherwise I’d not have caused my friends such pain
where’s photography was to be gained,
I set things off on maybe a false game

Ole` brother bobby he’s a hard one,
this will work but not over’n there;

Having been forced to read his body of work
do I hold him now in higher esteem,
or is he far further down the stream?

I hope my friends they come to ease my pain,
I hope they have an answer
for poor brother bobby and me,
but hope's real easy
with the summer sun arisin` over the field,
sweet and pretty and bright as could be.


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