Sony announced new 20mp stacked BSI 4/3 sensor

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Re: Truepic and other processors

Revenant wrote:

Regarding phone processors, the question often comes up why the camera makers don't use the latest Snapdragon or Exynos (or whatever they're called) chipsets used in smartphones, which are seemingly more powerful. I have been wondering this myself. Could it be because,

1. They would be too expensive at the relatively small volumes a camera maker would order.

2. The camera makers are honouring long-standing business relationships with their current suppliers, even though better products may be found elsewhere.

3. The camera makers don't want to do the work associated with moving to a new platform.

4. The processors they do use are in fact better suited for the purpose, even though they may seem less powerful to the uninitiated.

Or something else?

I believe that points 1,2 and 3 boils down to point 4 for the manufacturers. 
Honestly though, I don’t believe point 1 is valid. Cameras don’t need a flagship phone SoC, they would be well served by the cheaper ones as well, that these days have very performant imaging pipelines. Qualcomm and MediaTek could be sources, and the camera manufacturers would benefit from riding on the coat-tails of cell phone volumes.

Point 2 and 3 are probably the culprits these days.

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