Anybody using Capture One AND Lightroom Classic?

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Re: Anybody using Capture One AND Lightroom Classic?

Bobalob wrote:

Wow -thanks so much for pulling all that together ! That's really helpful.

Particularly interested in the how and why you mentioned with Paul Reiffer . A lot of the Capture One stuff I'd seen just dealt with the mechanics of how but not why you'd want to use a particular tool in getting the look you want .I'll check the links out ...

The Capture One material with David Grover is the best "how to do it"

Paul Reiffer is the best next step. He goes through the how to do it stuff as well, but more in the context of why it works for this specific picture. But he still has traditional values on what a photograph should like. If you know the basics (from David Grover) Paul is the obvious next step. But the Capture One channel still has more to offer than just beginners help.

Kasia Smokia is less technical than Paul, but is far more driven to create photographs the way she wants them to look. Especially in terms of Colour grading. She used to run and sell Photoshop colour grading/retouching courses, but now she seems to do nearly everything in Capture One.

And you must download Alex's (Svet) guide to using C1.

Another entry, not on the list is

Scott Detweiler

This is portrait/fantasy/glamour photography that combines using C1 with Photoshop. Not my kind of photography but it’s useful to see how he integrates the two programs. Most people will need a pixel editor in addition to C1, (Photoshop or Affinity Photo) and C1 offers good integration with both.



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