Droste effect with mirrors...

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Re: Droste effect with mirrors...

richiebee wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

richiebee wrote:

... I think it would be possible if I photographed from above the mirror (top centre) and if they converged at the top. Not sure it would be a particularly safe set up if the mirrors were larger than the (human) subjects, but with enough space it would probably be possible.

The No Pussyfooting album cover:

I think the plan in your case would be to space the mirrors as far apart as possible and use as long a lens as possible. That should permit you to remain only slightly out of frame while still being able to capture lots of reflections. Even then, the goal of 'at least 10' good reflections might be unrealistic.

That photo was taken from above.

That's right. But I think a similar one could just as well have been taken from one side or the other as long as the camera remains out of frame. The best location for the camera depends on the shape of the mirrors and how the subjects are positioned.

I think that's the answer, but yeah, I suspect like you say, even then, 10 reflections is probably a unrealistic expectation.

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