R5 or R6 decision (first world problems)

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Re: I do not want to crop...

Was in a similar boat (R5 or R6?), rented to try out one (R6), found it exceeded my expectations and bought it. Good friend who is also senior photog at a pretty big daily newspaper got an R6 to go with his 1DXII and loves it so much he wants to trade his 1DX for another R6 or an R3. Why? Well for one thing, he doesn't need or want large files. 20mp is the sweet spot for his work, cause it's going to either go into the paper (print) or on their website. He's got big EF glass which gives him reach so little need to crop and the EF glass works great with the R bodies. You get the same FPS, AF, and ergos of the R5 with the R6 and arguably better IQ under some conditions. 
I will probably get an R5 at some point, but my R6 has completely changed my approach to photography and reinvigorated my interest. Within 30 days of getting the R6 I sold my 7D2 and my 5D4 and I really loved those cameras. I'm rapidly selling off most of my glass (Canon L and Sigma Art) and will replace them with RF lenses. At this point I really don't want the additional weight of the big R5 files dragging down LR anymore than it already is. And no, I'm not interested in why you think C1 is superior

My advice is do what I did: rent one or both and try them out. See what the experience is like, what the captures look like, and what the post experience is with your tool of choice. If you strip the two cameras' differences down to the bones, it's largely 8K video and 45 vs 20 mp. other than that they are largely identical. Cheers.

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