35mm F1.4 or F2?

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Re: 35mm F1.4 or F2?

Miguel-C wrote:

zman2596 wrote:

I originally was going to get the 35mm F2, but keep seeing/reading about the excellent rendering of the 1.4 so now I'm curious about getting that one. I plan on using it mostly for personal shooting, so mostly travel, street, landscape type of shooting. Should I get the F1.4 or the F2?

I plan on getting a 27mm F2.8 at some point also.

From every comparison ive seen the rendering is identical, the F1.4 version has a wider field of view. The F2 is faster to focus (still not really that fast) and weather sealed. The f1.4 lets in more light.

Everything else boils down to picture profiles or post processing. I shoot with a canon and a fuji, different lenses and i get them both to look the same color wise.

Personally i went with the 35mm F2 despite finding both for the same price. Weather sealing is critical for travel and landscapes, faster focusing is more important than the difference between f1.4 and f2. And of course, its quieter.

I did a back to back test when I got the 1.4 after having shot with the f2 for 5 years. The rendering is indeed quite different, but as with all lens related things it is a subtle thing to notice. In the book shelf shots the colors and blacks were surprisingly  different but without a side by side comparison I probably would not have noticed it. At the end of the day however I recon this is one of the things that contribute to the “magical” rendering many people refer to when speaking of this lens.

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