35mm F1.4 or F2?

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Re: 35mm F1.4 or F2?

pictograph wrote:

Please, just take a look at the MTF diagramms of both lenses at all apertures, take a look at CA diagramms of both lenses, take a look at test shots of both lenses, of bokeh shots at opticalLimits.com..

The 1.4/35 NEVER comes even close to the resolution of the 2/35 off the very center of the frame at ANY aperture you can select!

this is only true for infinity focussing. At closer distance the 1.4 is sharper. I tested both lenses and Fuji themselves confirm that the 1.4 has been optimized for closer focus distances hence the MTF charts appear less than perfect. There’s also some tests that show superior performance of the 1.4, but this is only the case for closer distances and only affects the point of focus since the 1.4 has very strong field curvature.

as a result i would recommend the f2 for landscape shots.

Both lenses are very very good and to make it clear: the f2 is not inferior just because it is only f2. The 1.4 however has a very distinct look, colors are a tad punchier, blacks deeper and the strong field curvature emphasizes the already better ability to separate the subject. Most people seem to like it but you should keep this in mind.

but here’s the thing: EVERY f2 owner asks himself sooner or later if he should have gotten the 1.4 instead. So if you want to avoid this just get the 35mm 1.4 in the first place and try out one of the other Crons later.

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