Not in photography for 11 years - a couple of questions

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Re: Not in photography for 11 years - a couple of questions

I would suggest you stick with what you have got at the moment. There have been improvements with high ISO noise and dynamic range with some models but the differences are not all that great.

DSLRs are being phased out at the moment and the new mirrorless models which are still in their early days seem to come at a much higher price, give it a couple of years and they will have ironed out some of the bugs with mirrorless cameras and hopefully sell them at more realistic prices.

The 7D is still a very capable camera as your sample shot shows. (Whoops, just noticed that was the 20D)

As for the teleconverter question, I can't help there but the chances are that if you do switch to mirrorless then it may well be redundant anyway.

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