First film use ever. Recommendations pls

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Re: First film use ever. Recommendations pls

Josh B wrote:


After sage advice from a couple of people on here I have just ordered a Leica MP. SO simple question what Colour and what B&W film would you recommend as my very first proper use of this media? Excited

Also any other tips for film use very much appreciated e.g. Where in the UK do I get the films developed.



Holly cow, more and more people are going the nostalgia route.

I used Ilford FP4 as a good compromise. For more challenging situations Illford HP5 which you can process for different ISO level with Ilford MICROPHEN developer. Be aware of the resolution drop and the grain particular when pushing the film to high ISO (meaning 1600)

Another issue with film is the dust everywhere. When scanning or enlarging you have to work very carefully, otherwise you have dust on your final images. Drove me nuts.

Since I grew up with film, had my only BW lab in the basement starting in the late 1970s, I came to the conclusion, I will never go back. Digital is so much more convenient. Even an APS-C sensor has a better resolution that an FP4 or HP5. When I scan old negatives, the scanner is usually not the limiting factor but the film grain.

If you seek professional development, you can go for XP2 SUPER, an ISO 400 film for colour C41 processing.

I gave away my enlarger, but kept the old film developing drums just in case, since I still own for analog 35mm cameras. The last time, I used the stuff was 15 years ago.

If you like the process, than just go ahead. Good luck with your project.

best regards


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