Anybody using Capture One AND Lightroom Classic?

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Re: Anybody using Capture One AND Lightroom Classic?

Bobalob wrote:

Yes - been struggling with Capture One for a few years as complete newbie to shooting RAW. Never really felt I'd mastered it and not an awful lot of learning resources for a beginner.

I haven't included everything here, but some links you may find useful, some you probably know.

Capture One help and support from within C1 Help menu

Resource Hub: News, tutorials for specific tools, webinars and links to support.

Online user guide (including PDF download)

Tips produces overlays to explain what different parts of C1 are called.

Direct link to support

Youtube videosOfficial Capture One site

An obvious place to go (I suspect it duplicates the videos on the resource hub)

Most are done by David Grover (C1 staff), but occasionally he has guests on. Overall tends to repeat introductory material for each new version, but a solid introduction (especially for beginners) and has many videos on specific topics. David seems to have a background in sales and training, first with Hasselblad and then with Phase One.

Paul Reiffer

This is a series of editing viewers photographs using C1 by a professional photographer. I find these very good as he explains in more detail how things work and why he uses particular approaches. He also has some “pro-tips videos” on specific topics, good for beginners

Kasia Zmokla

Kasia has a degree in arts and design plus a Masters in Fine Arts and compared to the above brings a different approach both in terms of how she wants her photographs to look and in the way she uses C1. A good range of videos for beginners as well as more advanced topics.

Timo Buske

No new videos here for 10 months, but like Kasia, he has a different approach to the standard C1 approach to using C1, while still producing “normal” looking photographs.

Tim Fitzgerald

Covers a lot more than just C1 as he seems a bit of software junkie but he does give some very useful tips on working around C1 bugs as well as simple but helpful usability tips.

Richard Boutwell

Not many videos here, but he has a background as a black and white printer (from the film days) for high end photographers and brings some useful insights into using C1 from the view of making high quality black and white prints.

Paul Steunebrink

Very useful blog with blog entries covering individual C1 tasks and over views. He is a regular contributor to C1 forums.

Alex Svet–1/

Useful web site and webinars, but of most use is his free downloadable guide to C1 on the link above, a very good overview and introduction for beginners.

Nils Christoffersen

This link is to the sales page of the “Photographers Guide to Capture One”

Nils apparently worked for Phase One (Capture One) at one time and is “still involved in its development” whatever that means. But it’s the “only” up to date book available and most people find it useful.

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