My 2 days of testing & Results K3III

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Re: My 2 days of testing & Results K3III

Hello ozdean,

I would send PENTAX your test and with a link to this thread.

In your picture, exposure wise, it looks like the sensor moved to an other position and stay there. Funny wise, both positions had a very similar exposure time. For example the letters PENTAX, are in both positions so equal exposed, that the white letter is similar, but all between them, there is not a white line that much visible, therefore only short exposed.

For to exclude (maybe only for PENTAX), that it is maybe a lens group of your lens, which moves to an other position (what I really don't expect), maybe try to be a little before the 18mm end position. I think all other points you did exclude already (I mean with it the settings of the camera itself).

Again, thank's that you do the job for us and I hope PENTAX find a solution for you.

best regards. KPM2

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