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Re: theory vs reality

marcio_napoli wrote:

Apologize in advance if I missunderstood the thread, I'm reading and editing stuff.

The problem I see with such things is that in theory, let's put that again, in theory, people say it's all too fine, tools are tools, if the image is compelling that's what matters bla bla bla.

In theory, we're all holding hands together.

But in reality, nope.

Post one work online that was not entirely done with a camera in the real world, combining too many techniques (digital techniques I mean), green screen, 3d elements etc, and suddenly people start not caring or not qualifying it as photography anymore, even if the end product is photography.

Even if the added elements were all composed under photography rules (lighting, DOF, composition, aesthetics, etc).

We just had one of those, that thread asking if 3d images in games are photography.

I have plenty of my own examples, since long before becoming a photographer I was a visual FX hardcore enthusiast.

People say we're all in this together, right until you show up with something that was not done entirely with a camera, then the speech changes immediately.

Theory is one thing.

In reality, photography is only accepted if done with a camera, and little PP.

If you mean that photography is only accepted by everyone with those qualifications, then I agree, there are people who will not accept a broader view. But populism and ignorance are not great as standards.

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