Photograph...graphic art....informatic..reflexions..

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Re: Photograph...graphic art....informatic..reflexions..

Josemi wrote:

I agree with you in black and white, it is also included when it has been abused,

I don't know that it was abused. How far to go is a choice, not a law, not a rule, not even a guideline.

but why are they including more and more artistic filters in the cameras? Because it is what most people today are looking for ... even get the jpeg with the effect already directly from the camera and to be able to upload it to the network..the reel did not do this,

Yes, the ease of use means more people will use something.

and you took it to a laboratory and they did not stop at anything, they processed them and gave them to you..if you did not like having them done better but it was not the fault of the laboratory, another thing is that you told them to retouch one in particular, the ones that you paid for or that you were their professional wedding and event photographer and they would take care of them directly

Event photography is its own thing. Typically, there are constraints such as time and consistency across the images.

... do not worry about the Spanish, the software He is also good at translations .. just kidding

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