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Don't you think there has been a turning point where graphic art (drawing) merged with photography and there is currently no dividing line in the artistic world?

When it comes to taking pictures, I have zero interest in the artistic world. The hobby of photography has always been, for me and just about everyone I know, simply a means to record visual reminders of people, places, and events.

You know, I don't think this is perfectly true. I shoot primarily artistic landscapes. But most of people who have asked me for advice on how to shoot better are those who mainly record their life. I don't think there is a strong a divide between the recording of life and the desire for artistic expression as often posited on these forums.

When I started out, I wanted to learn "how to shoot better" too, and I have been asked by several people over the years how to improve their photography. Much of it was basic stuff like getting a good exposure, accurate focus, avoiding camera shake or motion blur, understanding and controlling depth of field. It might spill over into simple composition ideas like filling the frame, the rule of thirds, and maybe seeing how the direction of light can impact a photo. I think a person can be interested in the aesthetic satisfaction of their pictures without having an interest in creating art.

Some of us also get a great deal of pleasure reading about, comparing, and finally purchasing the equipment we choose to take pictures with, but we still don't consider taking pictures to be any kind of artistic endeavor.

Not considering ones own work as art is fine. Not considering photography as art is a bit mad.

I think photography can be used for artistic purposes, and I know a couple of people who do that, but most of my friends and I just want to record our own typical family snap type things--birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, day trips, picnics, vacations, and so on. We don't go out for the purpose of taking pictures--we take a camera along because we want visual memories of an interesting place or an event we're attending.  No one's submitting them to be hung in an art gallery, entering art contests, trying to sell them, or even sharing them outside our own small circle of family and friends. We like it when they turn out well, but that doesn't mean we're part of "the artistic world," as the OP put it.

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