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Re: Photograph...graphic art....informatic..reflexions..

Josemi wrote:

Not necessarily a photographer developed their photos, there were photographic laboratories with technicians who were the ones who developed them, another thing is that you were a photographer and you developed the photos yourself.

Processing is still part of the process, even if the photographer hands exposed film to a lab or lets the camera software process it. One is still obviating part of the process.

It is true that you have to have a base to make a good image, but with today's software and not having to print very large, you would be surprised that it can be done with a photo that seems unusable.

I has always been possible to vastly change an image in the darkroom, whether it be a physical one or digital.

And I am very experienced in the digital darkroom and very much understand what can be done in it. I also worked in a physical darkroom and very much appreciate where they are similar and where they are different.

And yes, I personally know several people who use mobile phones for their work ...

I did not say that I doubted there are people who do this, just how large the percentage.

What they are shooting matters as well. Sometimes the subject is more important than the photograph. In those cases, what type of camera the image is shot on is superfluous.

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