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Photography is big enough to embrace all of us. I wonder if what you're feeling is something along these lines: when you see people getting "wow"s and likes on social media for "lipstick on a pig" (so to speak) - eye candy that's largely the result of some post processing, it makes you feel like an honest photo can't compete. I ran across someone recently selling prints on one of those websites where anyone can create an account and sell - I started following him because he's local to my area. He's actually a good, knowledgeable, competent photographer *and* he's out there, doing the work. But when I see what's selling and the comments he's getting, people are responding to the post processing. The fake glow; the added lighting effects and so on. Part of me wants to scream "but it didn't LOOK like that!"

But that's just me letting my values get in the way. And he is a good photographer, out there hustling (and undoubtedly getting it right in camera to have something to work from).

I actually have quite a few photo books featuring work I like/appreciate that's not like anything I would do myself. That's mostly in subject matter and technique, though. Most of it follows my personal preference for stuff that's not heavily (or obviously) post processed. I can appreciate good post processing skills, but I don't see a lot of that kind of stuff that interests me. Even film manipulations by the likes of the great Jerry Uelsmann - I'm impressed as anything by them and can easily enjoy looking at some small number of his images, but before long, I get bored with the artificiality of it.

In the end, though, I fall back to what I wrote in the previous post about 7+ billion of us and try to remember that all of this is just my perspective; my value system only. I like to shoot the way I like to shoot because of how my brain is wired, not because that's how photography should be.

- Dennis

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