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Re: Photograph...graphic art....informatic..reflexions..

Josemi wrote:

Don't you think there has been a turning point where graphic art (drawing) merged with photography

Nope. But then I am somewhat aware of the history of photography.

and there is currently no dividing line in the artistic world?

Whilst we will probably always be subject to the desire to categorise, why should there be dividing lines in art?

For example, who is a photographer? The one who knows how to take photos, frame them, have a scene view, correct values, etc ... or the one who knows how to squeeze image processing programs and do something incredible from a simple image

You realise those are not inherently separate things? Processing always has been part of the photographic process.

and maybe some of them don't even know how to take a picture?

Processing will rarely make a bad photo great. The image needs good bones onto which to shape the result.

In the past some were photographers and others were laboratory technicians, and many of us knew how to do both, but now, for example, I even know people who only work with the mobile phone and its filters, they even send them the images of celebrations and retouch them on them and They sell them and the incredible thing is that people buy, look for them and are happy with those jobs.

Really? There are some, no doubt, but I'm sceptical that this is a big thing.

Photographers, computer scientists, graphic artists ... what are we becoming ...?
And apart from this, don't you think that the big brands take advantage of these softwares to calmly not advance as they should in hardware and improve noise in isos, approaches, etc. and delegate the work to these processing programs because they are both interested?

No. Because improcing those things are part of the marketing for new products and because hardware and software are not separate things within the camera. They work together and software is not some magic thing that will infinitely improve the result without changes in the hardware

, I do not stop seeing people complaining that they do not update the software to improve the noise, emails sending them that they should do this, the other ... but ... we should not ask those responsible for the camera brand that we have for not offering us what What do we need and not a secondary ...? I don't know ... it's just a reflection ...

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