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Re: Photograph...graphic art....informatic..reflexions..

Josemi wrote:

To be honest, your initial post was not perfectly clear either.

I'm still a bit puzzled as to what you're so concerned about.

I apologize if I have not been able to explain myself, maybe my English is not good or my way of saying it is incorrect. It simply stated that photography has gone from the first photographers who were the ones who learned the techniques apart from their vision of life that they captured in photography to now that almost any photo can be retouched with the computer and make it incredible, but then Is that photography or graphic design?

If you had studied the history of photography, you would know that retouch and picture manipulation has been part of photography from very early on. Search the "Cottingley Fairies" to see examples that are more than a 100 years old.

That is what I commented in the post, that branches of art have joined and merged apparently .. There are photographs that I see on the internet that of the original or natural photo only have 10% and others that you do not know if you can believe what you see or not ...

I think that has been the case for hundreds of years. Believing something just because a picture of it exists has always been naïve. Turn up the saturation and the grass is definitely greener ...

... many users request raw raw to see how a camera or lens is unwrapped because they are interested in buying it and they do not find "virgin" photos with hardly any retouching all over the internet,

I'm not certain I grasp your meaning here, but there are several independent reviewers, so errors are quickly exposed.

[...] others travel to places that later are not as they had seen in photos or propaganda .. then that is my thought, has it been for the better? Where is the line of reality and fiction?

It's always been blurred. The good old days weren't always as good as you think. Robert Capa's "Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 7, 1936" is a strong photo with a message touching most people, but recent analysis has shown it may be a fabrication.

The new young people grow up seeing that and thinking that it is normal and that it is beautiful and that perhaps exists and many when they see or do not feel those things often lose the meaning of life and nature ... they lose reality and what it can offer ..

Without wanting to go into politics, I think photography (and its derivatives) are far from the worst offender. AFAIK, studies show that young people are very good at sorting the chaff from the wheat.

and I also think that the camera industry now increasingly delegates to post-processing programs the improvements they should give to their hardware and they have made us blame and ask for updates to these programs instead of the camera brands when before we did not demand so much from laboratories or people who retouched the photos with paint or charcoal ...

WA zooms have benefited greatly from software corrections. The Canon RF 24-240 would be impossible without it, but perhaps you're thinking of something else.

but as I comment, I do not know how to explain it and I apologize for it, perhaps in my specialty I have not needed to modify the photos in those ways photos (it does not mean that I have not used and may know how to use these programs but in a different way in my opinion) and that is why it may seem strange to me, what I think is simply my IMHO, perhaps anti quaint but open to understanding and learning ...

Considering the complexity of your thought process, you might benefit from using punctuation to keep the different subjects apart.

Good luck and good light.

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