Adobe Photographer subscription $9.99/mon questions

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Re: Adobe Photographer subscription $9.99/mon questions

Georgeee wrote:

As I upgrade the camera, my old Lightroom no longer support the files. I am thinking of getting this subscription $9.99/month with 20 GB. That's all I need

I have a few questions for those who uses this option:

1) My files resides on my PC and I have no intention to save it to the Adobe cloud.

Does the subscribed software process the file on my local PC or I have to upload to the Adobe cloud? I hope Adobe just use the internet for license control, no photo file needs uploaded unless you want to.

2) Adobe save/backup a database file on all the changes you make to all the files (my current Lr6 does that ). Does this file has to be in the cloud or it is locally on my PC/Mac? Or no such file any more?

3) How many concurrent users can a subscription have? If I currently logged in on one PC, can I login from my other PC/Mac?

4) If I do not need to use the software for a while for some reason, can I pause the subscription without logging in for a few months (without paying )? Or I have to cancel and re-subscribe? If I do re-subscribe, can I use the database/backup file I saved previous or I lost what I have and start from scratch? I hope not.

5) Any other advice?

I take that you know that you can still view RAW files for new cameras in your current software via the conversion afforded by using the DNG converter?

This may seem tedious but, in fact, is quite easy.

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