Best video heads (with panning bar) for photography tripods

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Re: Best video heads (with panning bar) for photography tripods

brighter_summer_day wrote:

Don't really understand what you mean. I need a video head with a flat base to mount to a photography tripod. You mentioned Sachtler and I checked the specs of their flat base models and they are all 150mm wide at the base.

Look for the 75mm bowl models (except the Aktiv-models). The bottom of all the bowls are flat, so the bowl can be mounted directly on a flat base with 3/8" stud.

If you look at the specification you will find

Bowl size 75 mm
Flat base integrated

That means it has a 75mm bowl AND flat base at the bottom of the bowl. It is also mentioned in the description of the head 'the 75 mm head fitting has an integrated flat base'

The flat part of my 75mm bowl head is about 55mm, so it will overhang your 40mm base just 7.5mm. That is what I will call a nice fit.

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