Panasonic S5 AF w/ Sigma 28-70 f2.8

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Re: Panasonic S5 AF w/ Sigma 28-70 f2.8

tom_0123 wrote:

I am Currently on The Market For A Full Frame Travel/Family Camera To Upgrade My G85 (I am Not A professional), I was thinking between The A7c Or S5 w/ Sigma 28-70 f2.8, but there aren’t many reviews of that lens on l mount, so does anybody know How Good The AF Is with The S5, I am OK with the AF Performance Of The G85, But As Far As i Know Sigma Lenses Dont Use DFD Data, So Is The Autofocus Usable For Family Or Travel? Is it better than the G85 or should i just go with the A7c?

The lens was delayed, but hopefully we’ll hear more user reports soon.

The Lumix director indicated that Sigma lenses would be DFD profiled to some extent, though the impact upon AF is unclear. Sigma participates in updates to the L-mount protocols so you could expect better compatibility between Sigma and Panasonic than between Sigma and Sony (especially over time).  There may be a slight advantage to using the same brand (i.e. Sigma fp or fp L) though camera/lens firmware releases should get them up to speed sooner or later.

The S5 would certainly exceed the G85 AF.

This suggests that it should be fast:

"The new lens features just one lightweight focusing element, which keeps the AF unit small. This, along with a quiet and fast stepping motor, makes for responsive and near-silent autofocus performance."

Though, the lens’ first priority is being compact, so it won’t necessarily match the AF performance of S PRO or ART/Sports lenses if they’ve made AF a priority.

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