Best video heads (with panning bar) for photography tripods

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Re: Best video heads (with panning bar) for photography tripods

brighter_summer_day wrote:

Mmm I just checked and they all seem to have a 150mm base, so not sure how that would work with a 40mm wide photography tripod base...

I realise bowls are better in some ways, but the whole idea is to only carry one tripod (which is lighter and smaller than my video tripod).

There are heads with 75mm, 100mm and 150mm bowls. All the bowls are flat underneath threaded with 3/8" so they can be mounted on a flat base. And the flat base underneath is much smaller then the diameter of the whole bowl.

Even if your tripods base is 40mm wide, the head doesn't need do be 40mm wide.

If your camera need a 150mm head, they are big and heavy and are made for very heavy load, your tripod is not up for the task. Look for the 75mm heads, or get a way bigger tripod.

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