Nikon D850+500 PF or Canon R5+100-500 - better for birds?

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Re: Nikon D850+500 PF or Canon R5+100-500 - better for birds?

lokatz wrote:

Cross-posting this for 500 PF owners:

I've owned both setups. I can confidently say that I much prefer the Canon R5 with 100-500mm lens, because of the amazing close focus distance, extremely sharp and detailed imaging I get from the 100-500mm lens, and the R5's ability to take a 1.4x (and probably a 2x Extender). I have recently been a few feet away from various animals, and I can take those pictures with the 100-500mm. Check my latest few posts on Instagram and see that the 100-500mm is used for the majority of my recent shots, and many with the 1.4x. The only thing I do not like one bit is the 1.4x Extender makes the lens a 420-700mm lens, you can't use the range between 140-420mm like you should be able to.

The 500mm PF is an excellent lens, but the AF lags way behind the 100-500 on an R5. Now, for static and not so fast moving objects at a moderate distance (but without having to add a TC), I would certainly consider the D850 + 500mm PF. You would then get the benefit of the extra 2/3 (I think) stop of light. I've always preferred Nikon files, but not Nikon autofocus...

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