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Re: Bad title, but love no.7(RAW shooters= bad shooters)

tbcass wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

Pick any category and most of the people in it will be amateurs, so...

Almost every professional I know shoots RAW most of the time. The exceptions primarily are those who send their images straight to their bureau or client immediately after, or during, shooting.

How many do you know? I don't know any well enough to ask if they shoot RAW or JPEG. My understanding is sports and news photographers shoot JPEG because they have to send the results right away for publication.

I know some as I used to work in the business, and used (then TIFF) files in my work. For a pro the question of using RAW or JPG boils down to productivity. If you can do the job as JPG then you do. RAW only if you must.

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