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Re: Considering Olympus vs Fuji

Charley123 wrote:

Miles_H wrote:

Consider this Fujifilm X-S10 .

All you need is here .

The X-S10 is good for those who like or accept its styling and interface, but if I went with Fuji, I'd want an X-E3 or XT-30 look, feel, and interface; ideally with 5 axis IBIS, though IBIS might not be a requirement.

I could (grudgingly) live with X-E4 look and interface, but the X-S10 is just to far from traditional Fuji & Oly retro look, and X-S10 is missing to many external controls.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

I understand your views on this ..... I bought an X-E3 this month as I preferred it's handling compared to the 4.  It was also half the price 😁

I would like IBIS, although for my shooting it's the subjects that are moving, so it's of slightly limited value to me.  I also have 2 lenses with OIS if I need stabilization.  But if the X-E5 has IBIS, I may be upgrading in a couple of years, though I don't feel it's a huge omission compared to my GX7, and the other benefits of Fuji keep me loyal.

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