C - stand boom arm to a normal tripod?

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Re: C - stand boom arm to a normal tripod?

Indigo photography wrote:

Good afternoon, I hope you are well,

Can a c-stand boom arm be attached to a normal tripod? Or has to be only on a c-stand?

Thank you

You mean an extension arm? Sure, most grip heads will fit most stands but that doesn't mean it's a good idea (most light stands are aluminium so a grip head wouldn't have a hard time scratching/denting/crushing smaller sections).

I don't know exactly what you intend to do but I strongly recommend choosing the right gear for the right jobs, if you need a boom arm then don't use a C stand extension arm on a light stand, just get a boom arm intended for the task as it's safer and easier.

If you want to use an extension arm then remember one of the reasons to use C stands is it's easy to place several close together unlike regular light stands.

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