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Re: Bad title, but love no.7(RAW shooters= bad shooters)

lilBuddha wrote:

TeddyD wrote:

Rambow wrote:

Finally someone confirming the most casual observation one could make in digital photography, which is that if you can't make it look good with the camera alone and without spending hours editing, you just need to try harder.

Obviously this is a jab at raw shooters since by definition they cannot get it right using the camera alone....stingy....

Well, generally raw shooters are amateurs, of course with few exceptions...

Pick any category and most of the people in it will be amateurs, so...

Almost every professional I know shoots RAW most of the time. The exceptions primarily are those who send their images straight to their bureau or client immediately after, or during, shooting.

And about all documentary photos, school, passport, forensic, sport etc pretty much everything what avarage pros shoots on daily bases. Which means most professionals don't shoot RAW or only occasionally.

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