Z7ii raw images always under exposed need +0.7 to +1.0

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Re: Highlight and Shadow Info.

JimKasson wrote:

Dan DeLion wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

Dan DeLion wrote:

Today, with instant feedback, histograms, 14 bit RAW images, and Photoshop, only the Zone Systems principles are applicable.

Actually, they're not applicable.





Perhaps not applicable to snapshots, but certainly applicable to showing info in the shadows and highlights. You know, the very basic PRINCIPLE of the zone system! Perhaps that’s not important to you?

The Zone System is quantitative. It assumes you want to show information over a range of ones, but AA not invent that concept.

It is quantitative based solely upon qualitative judgements.  That really makes it qualitative, wouldn't you say?

Perhaps that’s not important to you?

Is that kind of crack necessary?

Yes Jim it is. Someone who didn't care about info in zones 1 & 2 and zones 9&10, would write what you wrote: "Actually, they're not applicable."  Referring to the basic principle of the zone system.  It's not a crack, it is an inference based upon what you've written.

Stay safe - Dan

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