Fuji X-T4 - XF 35mm 1.4 vs Sony A7iii - SEL 55mm 1.8 Zeiss vs Nikon Z6 II - Nikkor Z 50 mm 1.8 S

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Re: Fuji X-T4 - XF 35mm 1.4 vs Sony A7iii - SEL 55mm 1.8 Zeiss vs Nikon Z6 II - Nikkor Z 50 mm 1.8 S

Matthias Harder wrote:

Thanks Johan, I appreciate your input!

I have a friend who shoots the Sony combo and it's surprisingly lightweight. With the Nikon on the other hand, I was worried wether I'd carry it around as much. The pictures she takes do have a character I like and I also know, that she always edits them quite a bit.


Do you shoot mostly raw or do you also use the Fuji jpgs from time to time?

I looked at your page and the pictures you take have a warmth to them which I like!

In case I'd chose Fuji and actually went for a cheaper body, what's your experience with the X-S10 in comparison to the X-T bodies? I'm not emotionally attached to my camera looking vintage and if it's the same image quality in a smaller body I might also appreciate that.

What I'm worried about is the shooting experience with an inferior EVF and screen. What's your take on that?

Have a good day!

All the best


I shoot 99%jpg, only raw if it's for big prints or really special occasions.

I love the retro look of my XT2 and XE1. I would love an x pro3 aswell.

But since I like shooting prime lenses and vintage lenses the IBIS in the XS10 has been amazing and huge step forward in my photography when I do portraits and indoor photography.  I compared the X pro2, XT3 and XE4. But after holding the cameras and trying them out I went for the XS10. Before I tried them all the XS10 was my least favourite. For travel I got the 16mm1.4,  35mm1.4,  50mmf2 and the 55-200mm thats more than enough.  With the 55-200mm the pics are alot sharper and cleaner now with the IBIS.

I actually like the EVF on the XS10, it's great!

It's really small and light with a great price.  I wish there will be an X pro 4 with IBIS

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