New 300D owner - wow!

Started Oct 30, 2003 | Discussions thread
Dr. Don Sandell Senior Member • Posts: 2,197
BINGO here, we have a BINGO!

After using the

camera, I concluded that there may have been a few people with bad
cameras, but the majority of the gripes probably come from people
who are expecting 1Ds quality from a $1000 camera. If FEC and
other features were so important to them, why did they buy this
camera? If asked by anybody considering this camera, I would tell
them to go ahead and get it. Like most things in life, 99% of the
complaints come from 1% population. This camera is no different.

We have a BINGO HERE!!! I concour wholeheartedly. 99% of the bitching in this forum comes from 1% of the owners. Yes, there are some defective units in the field. But most of the defects are in the owners mind. Some owners have a legitimate reason to return thier cameras becaust of a defect in build, but MOST are owners who are defective between the ears.

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