Sigma 150 - 600mm Sport lens hood attachment issue

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Re: Sigma 150 - 600mm Sport lens hood attachment issue

SigmaChrome wrote:

atom14 wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

atom14 wrote:

wpstl wrote:

This forum is for Sigma cameras, not lenses,

I heartily disagree with this restriction ...

I heartily agree with @wpstl.

It makes little sense to ask a 'Sigma lens on a Canon camera' question in this Forum.

Well, Ted, allow me to make the mistake of thinking that it is in fact suitable to talk about Sigma lenses on this Sigma forum, wild as that may sound You imply that there would be no experience of that lens here simply because it's for another camera. For the problem the OP describes - the lens hood attachment - it matters not what camera the lens is for.

But even so, I hope the OP can get something out of this seemingly inevitable storm-in-a-teacup, such as frequently occur on this form at least.

To reiterate my main justification more colloquially:

It's a blasted Sigma lens, after all!

Frankly, I do not see where you and @wpstl are coming from with your pointed exclusion.

I agree completely, atom. In fact I'm getting sick to death of these borderline-hostile reactions to forum users who, in one or two members' opinion, don't perfectly match up with their ideal of who can post what on this forum. It's unwelcoming and gives the impression that we Sigma cameras users are a rude and intolerant bunch. And I really hope that we are not.

My post wasn't rude or hostile or any such synonym. The people on this forum tend to focus on Sigma cameras so I suggested the poster try a forum where he might get more help. I even said as much. I'm sorry you read that as hostile but that's your problem, not mine.

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