Equivalent 3rd party alternative to Nikon FTZ?

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Re: Equivalent 3rd party alternative to Nikon FTZ?

Thanks for the questions about my intent.

I saw the FTZ  listed for $247.  I only wanted to potentially use my Nikon AF-S lenses on a potential D9 "Z" camera purchase without having to pay $247 for an adapter.  Usually 3rd parties offer similar items to counter Nikons high price tags and they work just about as well. I do not have any non Nikon lenses so that is not the issue.  Finally, i do not want to buy an adapter that would require me to do manual focusing for my AF-s lenses.

BTW, I am sure that someone will send a reply that says; "If you can afford a D9 then you can afford a Nikon FTZ adapter".  That is likely true but i was just checking out my options and not saying that I would not eventually purchase a Nikon FTZ.

As far as purchasing "Z" lenses, Last year I made a major purchase of a 120-300 F/2.8 lens (An AMAZING LENS IMO) and would never be able to replace it with a comparably "Z" lens even if one existed!

Right now I am happy with my D780, D500 (For BIF) and IR D750's.  However, I thought I should maybe at some point go with a "Z" camera as DSLR's seem to be no longer a priority with Nikon.

Thanks again.


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