Anybody using Capture One AND Lightroom Classic?

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Re: Anybody using Capture One AND Lightroom Classic?

RobertLysakowski wrote:

I am wondering what are some of your use cases to use and keep both.

I have the Adobe Photography Plan primarily to get Photoshop, and I round trip from C1 to PS.

But I also prefer using Sessions in C1 and I use Lightroom as a catalogue and tool for interacting with the wider world.

I sometimes edit in LR, but normally I use the LR Hard Drive Publish Services option to "copy" my best files into a C1 session, duplicating my best files in a session is part of my backup strategy. Lightroom keeps track of which sessions files have been copied to, and syncs any deletions in the C1 session.

I actually use Jeffrey Friedl's  “Collection Publisher” to do this now, which is much much more flexible than the built in Lightroom tools.

If you use C1 as sessions you can also right click in LR to show the raw file in finder and drag it into a C1 session to open it.

As an aside, I also use Neofinder to catalogue C1 Sessions and  I am playing with the new PhotoMechanic database addition, as a possible replacement for LR, but the lack of even simple editing tools limits the usability of PM, as does it's lack of Smart folders, but that is coming.


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