Sony A1 - sensor protection only in mech shutter mode?

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Re: Sony A1 - sensor protection only in mech shutter mode?

My guess is you are using silent mode. A lot seem to confuse electronic shutter with silent mode. Silent mode is about being silent, disabling everything that makes noise, like shutter closing for hot pixel remapping, shutter closing when power off, audio signals and/or "aperture drive in af" whatever that means.

You can choose which of the above are disabled in silent mode in the "Target Function Settings" menu under silent mode settings, so if you want the shutter to close in silent mode you can enable it there.

But instead I would recommend disabling silent mode and instead choose electronic shutter (and disable audio signals if you want the camera to be silent while shooting). Then you can disable everything that makes sound with 1 setting instead of having to potentially go into 4 separate places in the menu to make the camera silent.

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