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Does anyone use the Z TELECONVERTER TC-1.4x and have input about IQ. I have on DSLR used TC-20E-III, which I think was low IQ on the 70-200/f2.8VRII. I sold the TC after a few month.

If I use my F-mount 70-200 on a Z-camera together with FTZ, and want a TC on, then I should buy a Z-TC, right? Or should I use a DSLR TC?


If you are going to use a TC on an F mount lens, you need an F mount TC, even if you put the combo on a Z body using the FTZ. The Z mount TCs only work with Z mount lenses and, right now (before other Z mount telephotos are released), only with the 70-200 f2.8S in Z mount. The quality of the Z mount 1.4x TC with the Z mount 70-200 f2.8S is excellent, in my experience.

I find the quality of the F mount 1.4x TCIII to be very good on my 500 mm PF and 300 mm PF lenses. I have not, however, used it on a 70-200 f2.8E FL lens or other F mount 70-200 lens.

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