Are bigger pixels less noisy?

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I don't have even a 10% of your technical knowledge so i am not able to comment on your technical details.
I have the raw of the jpeg i posted but i tried to upload it here and it is not possible as it is a NEF file.
My own conclusion has to do with two things.

a/ The amount of noise the software managed to erase? (i don't know if that is the proper word)

b/The amount of the details that i see on the final image. This is actually a very surprising thing for me.

As a photographer, most of the time I go with whatever is more pleasing to my eyes, and to my understanding, the specific software managed to turn an 8000 iso shot into an iso 800 shot (or less).

I mentioned the term "Low light beast" because it has been used countless times on the photography forums to describe the high iso abilities of specific cameras.
One of them is the D750. I had this camera and i never been impressed with high iso capabilities or any other of its optical qualities.

To be precise.It has never managed to give me some good reasons not to get rid of it.
Exactly the opposite to my D700.
But...i suppose all has nothing to do with this post.

Anyway.I am very please with the results I get from my trusty D700. Now that the modern software manages to give pleasant results at even really high iso I really can't see any reason for me to deal with any other modern camera.

I know that it is a shock for anyone here who spends thousands of buck every now and then to buy the "newer" but that's me

This is my Flickr account.I am very happy with the quality so i don't see the reason to change my camera anytime soon.

Thanks again for your help

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