Reasons to choose E-M1 Mk II over G9?

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1500 euro? Very expensive.

Raffwal wrote:

I'm still using my good ole' E-M5 Mk I. But let's say I'll soon upgrade it to something newer with a better AF and high res mode (tripod version good enough). I used to think about an E-M5 Mk II or III, but decided that mainly due to the smaller built-in grip I'll aim to the next product level. Today a new E-M1 Mk II costs here (Finland) 1449 € while a G9 costs just 999 €. That's quite a difference! Especially considering the new G9 firmware and what it has brought. The main reason I'd prefer to stay with Olympus is the familiar system and a little smaller size.

Which would you use and why? I have read some comparison reviews and apparently the cameras have different strong points. But what would make a difference to you?

So to start off, when we look at the specs etc. for most I think the G9 is the better cam. But here are some differences:

1) G9 is really bigger and heavier. So when you mostly use primes or shorter zooms, the total package of the G9 in your hand is really heavier>
2) If you love the Oly menusystem, note that Panasonic is quite different. I like the latter a lot more and in general it seems to be seen as one of the most intuitive. But it is also individual so it might not work for you.
3) Oly has a hires mode that is not limited to one second max exposure time. So if that is something you do and you like long exposures, the Oly is the better option.
4) AF in video especially, but also shooting action (pics) the Oly does a better job. But in stills, also action at times the Panaosnic in spit eof its DFD CDAF still gets you more keepers (from what I have read). So it is a mixed bag.

G9 over the EM1.2 (which I have):
1) Bigger and higher res EVF.
2) Better hires shot with two modes one of which gets rid of all movement automatically (I miss that a bit on my Oly).
3) Much better video quality
4) Most people like I said prefer its interface
5) Joystick on the back, but it is a bit limited otoh.
6) I am sure I have forgotten a few things, but these are the most important ones.

I think in most cases with these prices it is a no brainer. When compared to The Netherlands the Oly is much cheaper here (€1199) I think the G9 is also 1000 euro but I did not check it.

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