Are bigger pixels less noisy?

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Re: Quantum efficiency, 93° ;)

Nick Zochios wrote:

Raw to jpeg through Lr (no editing at all) and then auto levels on DeNoise AI is what you are seeing here.

Which is edited both in Lr and in DeNois

My point here is that the noise reduction software managed to give me an almost free-of-noise shot at iso 8000 from a camera that i bought for 300 bucks and i am very happy with it.
I usually get acceptable to my eyes results till iso 3200-4000. Now i can push the iso at least to 8000 and still get acceptable results ( i smell even higher but i will do another test for that)
I am not interested in shooting at 102400 iso as well in testing any modern camera.(i have got rid of my D750 because I was not happy with its reliability and colors)
I hope i have got you covered now I can't be more clear than this..

I get the quality i want from my D700s and i don't any other modern camera.

If you're satisfied, you're satisfied. However, for a discussion hereto be useful more is needed: a comparison to a modern camera and also the underlying raw

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