How Did You Get to the R/RP/R5/R6?

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Re: How Did You Get to the R/RP/R5/R6?

Larawanista wrote:

noggin2k1 wrote:

6D was the first foray into full frame, and I loved that camera.

Upgraded to the 5D4 for dual card slots, but if anything the camera felt like a step back in terms of IQ.

Needed to start investing in more glass and a second body, decided to switch to the A9 rather than investing in Canon, as I could see the EF mount was likely at the end of it's road.

Upgraded to the A9II to sort one of my major gripes with the A9 (mechanical shutter performance), but it didn't address colours in artificial light/build quality.

Along came the R5!

LOTS of other bodies throughout that, but thats the timeline for my "main" kit.

Care to share more info on what you didn't like about the two A9 models you had?


  • Really poor mechanical shutter performance, especially with flash (from pressing the shutter to actually firing, there was circa 1/3rd second delay).
  • In candescent lighting, the colours just fell apart (huge amount of work in post to get them anything close to acceptable)
  • Anti flicker only worked on mechanical shutter (pretty important for UK weddings, which brings me back to the mechanical shutter performance)
  • Build quality that never inspired confidence, and a hotshoe design that just isn't up to professional use/speedlites always breaking because of the need for plastic shoes
  • Away from the bodies, GM zooms. Both the 24-70 & 70-200 are far away from my expectations in build, IQ, and ergonomics. I tried to love the Tamron's, but they were just too cheap in construction (in line with cost though) and struggled in low light.

Some of these were solved with A9II, but the build quality and colour issues remained.

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